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Progetto EcoHubs Italy: Nuove soluzioni per l'ambiente e l'economia sostenibile con fonti di energia rinnovabile.

Progetto Cucina Sostenibile: come riutilizzare gli scarti alimentari e trasformarli in 

nuovo combustibile pulito e rinnovabile (biogas) e fertilizzante naturale (bio-slurry) per la cura delle Vostre piante.

I nostri sistemi di digestione anaerobica sono utilizzati per la produzione di biogas per uso domestico e per la collettività:

aziende agricole, b&b, agriturismi, ristoranti, case in campagna, mense, scuole, ecc. ​

E grazie allo zaino per biogas B)pack brevettato e certificato TUV, 

potrete utilizzare il biogas ovunque, grazie al fornetto incluso nel kit!

Il biogas in eccesso potrà essere venduto ai vicini e creare delle sinergie energetiche locali.

Siamo Distributori Unici per l'Italia del marchio (B)Energy Germany, TÜV & CE Certified

Si cercano installatori per nuove opportunità d'impresa nelle varie Regioni!

 Welcome and enjoy the tour!

Industrial supplies for analysis, environmental monitoring and safety in all areas of activity, in particular: Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Services.

T. & C. Analyzers Srl is a commercial & technical-business specialized in selling all industrial equipment in the following fields: Oil & Gas, Energy, Food Industry, with reference to the various applications related to environmental analysis, monitoring and safety for workers and workplaces.

T. & C. sells devices and specific equipment for the analysis of environmental pollution in the waters, in the air, soil and the workplace in general, including the best equipment for workers and workplaces safety.

In particular: monitoring of toxic and explosive gases, radiation, asbestos, radon, electromagnetic fields, etc.

The various equipment of industrial equipment for analysis and measurement, are used both in the laboratory, for the chemical industry, both in the field and in the production process.

You also will find spare parts, accessories and consumables of all brands of equipment.

"Our Mission"

T. & C.business philosophy of is based on a very simple concept: the Customers' needs are top priorities: We do our best to fulfill them.

To overcome the crisis, we have to know the rules of the game and learn to play better than the others, keeping our eyes always focused on the customers' needs, with an honesty and fairness behavior.

A special free service for our customers!

If you do not have time to ask for inquiries to suppliers for the products You need, we will do it for You, with pleasure (no purchase commitment on Your part).

We will find all the solutions that could satisfy Your needs and with the best quality/price rate!

You'll just have to choose the one You prefer, if You appreciate our solutions!

Otherwise, you will continue your researches by yourself, no problem.

For further information & requests:

Mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Tel. +39 0 70 522 896 mobile +39 320 1658 351

The main equipment marketed by us are:

  • Fixed and portable analyzers / transportable gas, combustion, emissions, particulates, fumes for all applications.
  • Fixed and portable gas detectors / transportable (Monitors Area). flame detectors.
  • Sensors and equipment to the firefighting industry.
  • Measurements of asbestos, radon and electromagnetic fields.
  • for air quality analysis tools and
  • of the working environment (indoor air quality). Phonometry.
  • fixed and portable hygrometers.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers and the workplace safety.
  • Equipment and wireless kits for confined places.
  • Fixed and portable analyzers, multiparameter probes for water and industrial fluid applications.
  • Samplers for all types of industrial fluids, waste water, also in ATEX version for hazardous areas
  • Waste traetment and contaminated sites remediation.
  • BIOGAS Analyzers (on line and portables)
  • Filtering System for Smells and Greenhouse Gases Removal from the waste water in: water treatment plants, composting, refineries, etc.
  • Instruments for geological surveys and research of underground cables and services
  • Industrial equipment for various applications in the public and private sectors
  • Communications systems (also ATEX certified) for industries: two-way radios, mobile radios, tablets, computers, cameras.